Why LOVE Literature??

Why I LOVE literature:

~Toni Morrison’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech (captivating tale involving the power language has to shape our lives)

~ The great thing about literature is that there is something out there for everyone to comprehend and truly connect with. This universality allows every person to understand peoples, places, things they may have never seen, heard of, or felt before. Despite the limitations people may experience in reality, the written word creates a world of infinite possibilities.

~Fiction may not be based in fact, but this does not diminish its ability to teach some of life’s most essential lessons. In relating human emotion and communicating the language of relationships, fiction shows readers regardless of time or place how to feel empathy.

~From opposite corners of the globe, people are able to educate one another about a comprehensive variety of subjects- history, culture, religion, geography, family, life, love. It is easy to feel as though one has traveled to another time or place through the beauty of reading a piece of writing.

“There Is No Frigate Like A Book” by Emily Dickinson:

There is no frigate like a book
To take us lands away,
Nor any coursers like a page
Of prancing poetry.
This traverse may the poorest take
Without oppress of toll;
How frugal is the chariot
That bears a human soul!

5 thoughts on “Why LOVE Literature??”

  1. Sharanu P said:

    ….written word creates a world with infinite possibilities….” yes… language has its own life..it lives within a being,reflects and resonates the existance…

    …….existance precipitates using warmth of language to create a new world and life gets a new meaning

    …it gives a new meaning to life….

    • That’s very poetic. My post for tomorrow is a Garcia Marquez novel, no one uses language to create life more than he does. I will remember you said this. Thanks.

      • Sharanu P said:

        I agree with you… Marquez is a magician.. in rural India life it self is Surreal and yes Marquez gives language to feel it…I have read his “One hundred years of solitude” I will be looking forward to your post….


  2. Lyuba Tarasova said:

    It is so wonderful to feel your passion to literature!!! It is so tru all that you wrote about all posibilities you can get from the literature: great friends, love, lonlyness, different time line…everything. Thank you that you exsist, one who loves the literature!!! Your Grandma did an amazing job!!!!
    Sincerely, Lyuba Tarasova

    • It is truly wonderful to know that other people are out there and feel the same way I do. Thank you for your compliments, they mean very much to me. Keep reading and appreciating the way I do. I would say you’ll never be lonely if you do this, but it isn’t really true. I did a review of Reading Lolita in Tehran recently. Azar Nafisi, the author, writes a lot about people’s love of literature and the empathy it enstills in people if they are truly able to comprehend it. Much of the text is her analysis of Nabokov’s works and his response to oppression. It is utterly breathtaking. Let me know if you ever get a chance to read it!

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